The Innovation Doctor

This guide will help you move away from burnout and ...

Reduce Stress

Incorporate practices into your routine that can help reduce stress by keeping you grounded in the present moment.

Increase Joy

Prioritize activities that ignite your sense of awe and wonder to increase feelings of joy and contentment in your daily life.

Spark Creativity

Try new experiences and perspectives that can spark your creative capacities in unexpected ways.

Dr. Abigail Joseph with big smile

Hey, I'm Dr. Abigail Joseph

After 10 years of teaching, I was burnt out. I was tired all the time and gave all my energy to my teaching craft and students. Trying to pursue my passions was the last thing I had energy for at the end of the day.

Stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, I felt stuck and trapped by my job and when I got home each night, I was in deep despair.

I knew I needed to do something different, but could not see a clear way out.

I forced myself into a teacher gap year and discovered I had been cultivating the skills I needed to overcome my burnout all along. A year spent in a community maker space reinvigorating all the creative and innovative mindsets I had been teaching students for many years.

Cultivating and practicing these mindsets over and over again with projects, workshops, and conversations with other passionate creatives took me out of my fog where life was passing me by to becoming an active participant in designing the life I wanted to live.

Now, I have a tool chest of mindsets that help me to stay engaged with my creativity every day and allow me to tap into my joy. This is what I am sharing with you.

These techniques will move you from being stuck and overwhelmed into action as you explore the questions for each technique in The Burnout Remedy guide.

Grab The Burnout Remedy guide and uncover 7 techniques that will help you reignite your passion, rediscover your creativity, and bring more joy into your work and life.