innovation coaching for wannabe creatives; move from burnout to creativity and joy

Overcome burnout and move beyond your self-imposed creative limits.

The Innovation Doctor empowers professionals to unleash their creative potential and foster a practice of innovation. Through thought-provoking questions that deepen reflection, fresh outside perspectives, and collaborative environments, I guide individuals and groups on a transformative journey, sparking a passionate affair with creativity and unlocking a world of innovation filled with play, joy, and wonder.

Get ready to dive into a world where innovation rules and creativity is a thrilling adventure! The Innovation Doctor is your personal guide, cheering you on as you embark on a quest to ignite your creative sparks. I bring infectious enthusiasm and expert know-how that will break you free from the chains of routine, opening hidden doors to fresh perspectives, and unlocking your imaginative prowess.

I will be your creative exploration buddy, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the joy of experimentation. Together, we will conquer creative barriers, fueled by thought-provoking questions and mind-bending challenges.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We will build and nurture a vibrant community of professionals, where collaboration sparks incredible innovation. So get ready for an exhilarating, inspiring, and downright enjoyable journey as you move from burnout to creativiy and joy as you experience limitless innovation!


97% of employers value soft skills as much as or more than hard skills

*SHRM – HR Workforce development

The World Economic Forum states that analytical thinking and creative thinking remain and will be the most important skills for workers in the next 10 years. These skills combined with resilience, flexibility/agility, curiosity, and lifelong learning are important foundations that help workers adapt to disrupted workplaces.

Hey, I’m Dr. Abigail Joseph, The Innovation Doctor

I am an innovation coach who helps wannabe creatives move from burnout to creativity and joy.

With over 20 years of experience as an educator and innovator, I ignite and nurture creative expression to help professionals design joyful, vibrant creative lives that allow them to shine in all aspects of their lives. 

I have shared my stories of creativity and innovation with numerous students, groups, and organizations. I have lived a life where my creativity was locked behind a door and now the door is open and creativity is flowing.

I believe everyone can be an innovator and the designer of their lives and you are no exception.
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Places I Have Shared My Stories and Secrets

Ways we can work together


Workshop and courses that will immerse you in a creative journey that will keep you curious while you play and have a relaxing joy-filled experience.


Tailored talks and workshops to meet the needs of your unique team and community.


Experiences designed to foster innovation practices through collaboration and accountability.

Creativity – we don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

Brené Brown

Sparks of Creativity and Joy

What's it like to work with me? Here are the stories that matter.

Designing your Life

I was really happy to attend this class because I have heard of the design approach and how one can use it in their own life. This class was especially helpful to me as I was able to identify the problem at hand and get it on paper. I then was able to explore it further with the steps and prompts that were shared by Dr. Abigail in her design class. This really helped me get unstuck and move my process forward as I am working on switching my career. I was able to build my own journey map on what I have done, where I am at, and where I want to be. I have more information now to carry out my prototype in addressing my personal needs.

Shaista Soroya
Workshop Participant

Empowered Creative

"I think what these activities helped me to do was push myself just a little to be more of the person I want to be ... a storyteller, a 'creative' a person who feels empowered to make things or even just to try."

Allison Campbell-Rogers
Creative Experience Participant

Balanced experience of learning and application

The concepts Dr. Abigail covered during the Your Innovation Toolkit workshop at the 2023 Tech Intersections event were tailored around design thinking and how we as individuals can apply the same principles when designing a system or artifacts focused on our personal care needs and goals. The workshop was mindfully designed and mastered what many other workshops often forget - providing a balanced experience for both learning of principles and application of the learning, the doing. I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Abigail’s wonderfully crafted workshop and have begun applying the learnings to help me reach an important 2023 goal. I hope to attend other workshops in the future and personally recommend Dr. Abigail’s workshop for both organizations/teams and individuals seeking to improve how they approach personal care needs and goals.

Alyne Padilla
Workshop Participant

Heart and mind leadership

As a leader, Abigail brings out the best in others, earning their trust because she listens with an open heart and mind and communicates their value to the community. We brought 6 teachers to attend an SEL conference, and to help us process what we learned and consider the next steps, Abigail guided us through a design thinking exercise. This was the most productive faculty meeting we experienced because we started having no vision of how to collect our thoughts, collaborate on a shared vision, and design something for our learning community. With her facilitation, we felt charged and enthusiastic about the possibilities. Thanks, Abigail, for modeling what a positive collaborative space should look and feel like.

Patricia Lai-Burrows
Middle School Assistant Head of School