Diary of a Wannabe Creative

"Diary of a Wannabe Creative" is a cozy blog chronicling my quest to unleash my inner artist amid life's busyness. Through candid stories, I share "Curiosity Expeditions" - following my sense of wonder to explore new creative outlets, the great outdoors, and fresh perspectives. This judgment-free zone celebrates our "wannabe creator" selves, documenting hilarious misadventures and heartfelt reminders to carve out pockets of playtime. Whether a seasoned artist or creative newcomer, you'll find camaraderie and inspiration to reignite that wonderful childhood magic of unbridled imagination. Join me in giving yourself permission to dream wildly!

Nurturing Innovation in the Home

Dear Creativity, As I look around my home, I am reminded of the boundless potential of our partnership and the innovative spirit that resides within everyone. Home to most is …