The Commute Less Traveled: Reclaiming Your Imaginative Spirit

Dear Creativity,

Firstly, I want to say thank you for inspiring me to take the courageous step of creating and launching a podcast on August 20, 2024! I am ready to make it happen and I hope my readers are ready to celebrate the Launchiversary of The Innovation Doctor with a podcast filled with questions, reflections, and interviews with you, Creativity, front and center.

This weekend I found myself amongst a community of makers. A friend threw herself a card-making party with a circle of friends. When I arrived there was a long table full of pretty paper, magazine clippings, glue sticks, blank cards, markers, and scissors all surrounded by humans taking the time to play, connect, and relax. It was a joyous sight to step into. Two hours later I couldn’t believe how much time had passed and I was happy to have made the 1-hour trek each way to be present in the company of wannabe creatives like myself.

My question for your Creativity is…

Day 93 of the 100-Day Project, but it feels like day 14. Ninety-three days ago I was ready to embark on the challenge of the year. I committed to practicing my visual thinking skills for 100 days through the #100DayProject. I made it to day 13 and then life happened, jumped back in on day 22 and never looked back. Every day I wake up to an email with a new prompt and think I should get back to that and then I found myself here on day 93 with every prompt saved into a folder for later use.

I am committed to improving my visual thinking skills and incorporating that into the way I take notes, but I need the practice. Sometimes we tend to say no to the creative possibilities that can change our lives because we are too busy, working, running errands, taking care of others, over-committing ourselves, saying “yes” when we should say “no”, and on and on. Yet deeper in our hearts we know that getting in the car and driving an hour to sit with other wannabe creatives for two hours would be time well spent.

Because dear Creativity time spent with you is the most rested and joyful I will ever be.

Innovative yours,
Dr. Abigail