You’re one step away from your next experiment…

Dear Creativity,

Here we are after my transition from Substack. I am turning to you for advice on how to transition my community of wannabe creatives to this latest experiment. As I sit here at the end of a long day with swirls of ideas and long lists of todos, I am most excited about the experiments that await us as we leap onto a new path and continue this journey of examining how you work in concert with innovation to set the foundation for the values in which The Innovation Doctor thrives: play, be joyful, and wonder. 

No one value is more noble than the next, but they all work hand-in-hand with you to feed the soul of this community of wannabe creatives. I would like to introduce you to some of my community members:

  • The No Way Creativite leads us all to believe that they do not have any type of relationship with you, yet they long to form some kind of bond with you like the many you form freely with others.
  • The Closet Creative had a relationship with you their entire life, but somewhere along the way, you grew distant as they pursued all things practical. They are ready to have you be a presence in their life all the time and need your help moving your relationship from the closet and into the room for others to witness all its beautiful glory.
  • The Multi-Passionate Creative loves to be in a relationship with you in any way they can. No project is too small or big, too new or old, too cheap or expensive, too familiar or unfamiliar. They are ready to ride with you through it all.
  • The Flow Creative is willing to be with you when they can. It can be a short moment or days at a time just as long as they can spend some time with you when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Some of them are one of these, none of these, or a combination of these traits. In the end it doesn’t matter how they form a relationship with you because our common tie is that we all are wannabe creatives. And you Creativity are the driving force leading us to our next experiment filled with curiosity, risk-taking, failure, and much more. 

Watercolor paints and abstract watercolor painting in a journal

Get ready, Creativity. The wannabes are here and ready for this experiment and all the ones that are yet to come. Much like my recent experiments in meditative watercolors with you by our side we are well on our way to a collaboration destined for play, joy, and wonder.

Let’s go!

Innovatively yours,
Dr. Abigail