You won’t believe the different ways you can be innovative…

Dear Creativity,

Last week I took a day off work to venture to an outdoor concert of the talented Sarah McLachlan. This concert tour marks the 30th anniversary of her breakthrough album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. It was well worth the hour+ drive in traffic, the long walk uphill, basking in the direct sunlight waiting for the sun to set, sitting on a hard concrete slab, and funneling out of the amphitheater akin to a herd of cattle.

As the sun set over the Greek theatre and Sarah began to belt out her sweet melodies in the crisp California night air and I sat to appreciate the sensory feast before me, I started to wonder…

I don’t remember the precise moment I closed my eyes to connect with you Creativity, but when I did I felt joy like no other. My spirit began to take flight as I dialed into all of my senses: the feel of the cold crisp air on my skin after the heat of a warm sunny day, the taste of the tepid water from the water fountain I was using to quench my thirst, the touch of my blanket softening the harsh feel of the concrete amphitheater seat, the sight of the lights, performers, audience, and stage visuals, and the sweet sounds of Sarah performing against the crowds appreciation for her show.

Outdoor concert

And as I opened my eyes and a smile adorned my face, when I looked around all I could see was your hand in the innovations that captured my eye. These are some of the innovations I was in awe of during my experience:

  • mixing of sound
  • mix and design of the stage lighting
  • background visualizations crafted to match songs
  • design and construction of the amphitheater
  • choice of seating protection by the audience
  • choice of monitors being portrait versus landscape
  • monitor to help the sign language interpreter make the show accessible (bottom center of the image above)

Besides the need for more full-body joy experiences, I was again reminded that innovation is everywhere and accessible to everyone when we are ready to leap into the unknown with you, Creativity by our side. Awe is free and accessible if we take a moment to pause and observe what is happening around us.

Innovatively yours,
Dr. Abigail