Reigniting your fire through community…

Dear Creativity,

I have not felt this type of exhaustion since I worked in a school. My body feels heavy, my head is a bit light and it is hard to focus. The kind of exhaustion that has you playing mind games of “Will I be sick?” or “Am I just run down?” I suppose the two are the same. Tired, sick, or otherwise, I can’t wipe the smile off my face nor contain the excitement for all that is to come.

I just returned from a 4-day experience that has rocked me. I went into it looking to uplevel my writing, speaking, and messaging and it delivered a full-body experience with a community poised to change the world. Creativity, I saw you there in abundance as I danced, laughed, cried, screamed, fed my brain, fed my soul, and connected with a community of humans unafraid to share their humanity. It was transformational and I will probably be unpacking for many weeks.

This embodied experience has me thinking…

Over the years, I have participated in numerous communities. Some have come and gone, but the everlasting ones have some commonalities. A transformative community connects us to you, Creativity, in ways it is often hard to imagine.

The bonds go deeper than surface level.
In a powerful community, the connections transcend just networking or social pleasantries. The bonds are forged through vulnerable sharing, empathetic listening, and co-creating with intention. You leave feeling seen, heard, and accepted for all of who you are. Only a master facilitator can take you on a journey that allows you to connect with others in a way that has you radiating from the inside out. In 4 days I was able to make friends that will last forever.

Hanging out with Dr. Sarah at Lisa Nichol’s Speak and Write experience
Image Credit: Dr. Sarah Jefferis

There’s space to bring your full self.
The magic happens when people feel they can express themselves authentically and without judgment. A transformative community celebrates each person’s unique perspectives, identities, and creativity as vital contributions to the collective. In the space you can dance, speak, cry, and laugh knowing that you will be held when you fall.

It ignites your passion and purpose.
Being surrounded by others on their journeys of growth and self-discovery is contagious. A remarkable community holds the space for everyone to explore what ignites them and provides support to pursue those callings boldly. The dreams of one, somehow become the dreams of all.

Learning and evolution are constant.
Rather than imparting dogma, these communities cultivate a fluid exchange of knowledge, ideas, and wisdom. There’s an ethos of curiosity, asking questions, and evolving together through open and humble dialogue. Learning and then implementation lead to the next steps or answers.

You’re challenged to grow in unexpected ways.
While the environment feels like a haven, it should also be one that constructively pushes you outside your comfort zone. A transformative community sees your potential and inspires you to become more than you can imagine. After 4 days I feel poised and confident to take the action I was unclear about.

There’s joy in the journey.
Despite the deep work happening, these communities foster a true sense of play, and creativity, and celebrate each step of the collective path. The journey contains both profound realizations and pure pockets of fun. The dancing, the dancing, the dancing. Dancing and song was a thread that weaved the learning and connecting that touched me to the core.

Creativity, I am forever grateful to Lisa Nichols for showing me what it means to be alive, connected, and grounded. She curated a space to allow ideas to take flight and move one step closer to my wildest dreams. The best is yet to come.

Innovatively yours,
Dr. Abigail