Paused: My week’s unexpected twist

Dear Creativity,
I have spent the last week in this place of illness and excitement. It is a place of tension that I often hold. Whether I am sick, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or underwhelmed it seems that my multi-passionate nature never allows me to let go of the excitement of the possibilities of the many ideas that are floating in my head, in my journals, on stickie notes, or the back of a receipt.

This leads me to wonder…

How might one honor their excitement for the possibility of ideas taking flight when resting and going to bed early is the medicine the doctor ordered?

Being forced to take breaks and rest my body has led me to the beauty of our imaginations and how we as a society rarely get to tap into our dreamscapes because we live in a world with no pause button. Yet somehow the universe knows when we need to hit pause and will force us to press the button even when we feel like we don’t have the time or space.

So here I am Creativity, on pause, and enjoying the space to daydream. The beauty of the pause is the space that enters for daydreaming if we are open to embracing it. Here are some of the many places I have discovered to let my mind go as my body is at rest:

  • staring out the window
  • sitting in my office chair with my eyes closed
  • immersed in the eye candy of an episode of Bridgerton
  • warming my body with a cup of tea
  • taking a shower
  • waiting for curbside delivery
  • admiring my creations and those of others that adorn my walls
  • saying no
  • sitting with a decision of lack of decision
Blue sky with braches of green leaves of a tree on the side taking up one fourth of the photo

I could go on and on. The best part about the pause is that somewhere in all that daydreaming I connect with you, Creativity. If connecting with you in my daydreams means that other parts of my life get “good enough” output, then I am okay with that. The pause is truly more delicious than the grind.

Innovatively yours,
Dr. Abigail